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I grew up in a small town, Lodi, CA. I moved to the Los Angeles area in my mid-twenties because I always thought I was a "Big City" girl. I'm not. Moved back. I loved the ocean though. Now I live in a town half the size of Lodi and it's way too big. If anyone knows where I can find Mayberry, please let me know. I think I found it in New Hampshire, but my husband still needs a lot of convincing.


Growing up I had always wanted to teach first grade. Unfortunately, when my high school counselor told me there wouldn't be any teaching jobs when I graduated, I believed her. So I became a secretary.


Early on I got into escrow, then out of escrow, then into escrow, then out, then in, then, FINALLY, out. For good. I couldn't quit my job as an escrow officer fast enough when my husband asked me to in 2006.


I had always believed in God, but had never had a personal relationship with Jesus. I had one now and I started asking God what His will for my life was and I kept hearing Him say, "Write." I figured that couldn't be God because that was my secret desire. It was that dream that only happened to other people. I also thought you had to have a college degree to be a writer. And I had never stepped foot onto a college campus. 


When I got my relationship with Jesus my friends had started asking me why I was happy and smiling all the time. I would tell them it's because of Jesus, but I didn't know how to explain it and they kept asking. The peace of God that surpasses all human understanding is just that, hard to explain. One day my friend again asked me why I was so happy, and as I was driving home from her house I heard God say, "write that." I said, "write what?" And He said, "put the reason in a book and give it to them." So, you could say I wrote "Most Blessed" out of obedience. And in doing so was blessed with my heart's desire.



I thought it was a "barnacle"

This is what Squamous Cell Carcinoma looks like. It just appeared on my face one day and grew rapidly. I decided it was just another age mole, of which I have several. My nurse friend calls them barnacles. Fortunately, my husband thought otherwise and insisted I go to the doctor. His love for me saved my life.

These are the 12 stitches after the SUCCESSFUL MOHS surgery.


Lori has inspired me and impacted my life with "Most Blessed" being published. "Most Blessed" is written in Lori's words, when I read it (over and over) it is like she is sitting next to me. She writes in a style we can all understand and relate to. She is a "Lil one" with the "Biggest Heart" and a Great Love of God. ~ Darlene Harbeck

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Most Blessed

Author: Lori Polk

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