Can't Make This Stuff Up!

So my 90-year-old mother-in-law, who can't see or hear too well, rearends a car that was stopped at a stoplight. Then she puts it in reverse and backs into the BMW behind her.


Her version: "If the lady in front of me hadn't stopped in the middle of the intersection and then backed into me I wouldn't have hit her."


I corrected her by pointing out that the lady ended up in the intersection after she hit her. I only made that mistake one time.


So, since the accident "wasn't her fault," she is sure she can pass a driving test. Because she can "drive better than those NASCAR drivers". I suggested we start with the vision test. She agreed. When told her appointment was Friday at 2 p.m. she said she wanted the appointment in the morning because she can't see in the afternoon. I guess that explains the accident. It was in the afternoon.


And, no, she didn't get a license. She couldn't see the eye chart let alone the letters on it.


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Author: Lori Polk

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